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Please help me fix my teeth!!

Terry4 started this conversation
I need to find someone to help me finance my dental implant bill, or I will loose my teeth. I need $8,000.00 Please help me and I will repay you all quickly!!
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THank You siciliangal,-yesterday,i FINALLY went on to the demtist-i left there crying.He was arrigate n did't even know if i had 50 grand iny purse or not.& I've never had self esteem,but I've always tried to look celassy.But when he saw my broken teeth,he musta been to lazy to take on the job-Dang i.thought he'd possbly have a lil sympathy for me.BECAUSE-Before this happened ,i dated a dentist n he shareed w/me the percerntage that He made SND it was ke 90% clear proffitt-Sickning -huh -but i thank you cor caring enough to let me know that. Could. e an option .Thank You
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siciliangal   in reply to anna109
Anna, there are several charities that cover dental costs for women that have been abused.
Okay....this is for all women who have been abused and need dental surgery and/or facial reconstruction. Go to this page and it is full of places that offer free services....find one that's right for you! Make sure you copy & paste this to your browser search bar and NOT to Google search! Google search won't take a shortened link!

If that doesn't work then try this one:

I hope this helps everyone. Good Luck to all...
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It just hurts So Bad as we All kno,to go to detures all because a man i never ever cared for, beat & kicked me unconcious n broke mine out."My situation sounds just like-'hearmycry'-i have a son,never been loved,& as i hide from the world because of my Shame,NoOnes even missed me.i had a good life(self employeed)&Always gave Not take.I've given cheaper cars to people that needed/&i guess the happyest day of my life was when i gave the church a Big Van to pick up the little children &the Elderly-that otherwise wouldn't have had a way to go.But this guy stole All my personal nu's ,got into my banking,trashed my New infinity ,Well,it would take days for me to tell my story-i have Everyhing anyone could want,but EVERY SINGLE Thing i own is not useable-its ALL been trashed.oim sorry,but it sure felt good just to vent a little love to have a soulmate,someone to REALLY love me but Noones ever gonna eant me like this.I only work in places where people don't know me &i get asked out a lot,But i hold that cup up in front of my face n make up an excuse,then Run to hide again.Oh how id love to live n LAUGH,But I'm sure we All would. Hey iz WONDERING"-Costa Rica says $850 per implant-BUT-Way too scared- who could one Trust? Does Anyone know?
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sonshinesas   in reply to anna109
Try googling local dental assistance. You may not qualify for implants but they may help with dentures.
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SOMEONE PLEASEE HELP ME-find someone to help me-i eas in a domestic violence episode,stalked,for 2years-I'm single n i too get a lot of guys ask me out-but NO -Not with this smile-i Pray-EVERYDAY-ALLDAY..God help me-ill need 5 or 6 implants
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I am 27 yrs old I have always had problems with my teeth ever since I was a little girl and I can't afford to fix my teeth I am a mother of two kids and every little bit of money I get goes to please I need help please:(!!
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slimbeany   in reply to annie46
I am in sacramento california area and need info on that program
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hi my name is Debbie,i took all my teeth out for a wedding pix 20yrs ago now I have no gums and no teeth I,m 52, and look like I,m 80 please help!!
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flsunlover1   in reply to annie46
what is human services and where to file for a pell grant
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Hello My name is Isaac, I live in Houston Tx. I am a 57 year old who has heart problems and my mouth is in need of repair. I am not one who likes asking for help but I'm in need. I have been raising my two grand children alone for the last nine years and still have a 15 yr old and just did not have the funds to take care of some of my issues. I love to go out and talk to people about their salvation and younger people about their futures. I believe strongly in God and trust in Him, the word says ask and it shall be given so I'm asking. I love to smile but I don't feel at ease. The one thing I ask and pray for is to get my mouth fix so that I can continue to lead my sisters and brothers to Christ
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flsunlover1   in reply to annie46
Isn't a pell grant for school? What is human services? Thanks Mary
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annie46   in reply to flsunlover1
Hi flsunlover1 you can have your Dentist apply for a Pell grant it will cover the cost of your dental work . You can even apply for the Pell grant thru Human Services Praying this helps annie46
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flsunlover1   in reply to annie46
Hi My name is Mary And i live in Lake Placid, Fl. Is there anyone who helps with dental implants. I have dentures. The bottoms I can't wear they don't stay in when I eat. The tops are to big and make me talk funny. If you can help please let me know Thank you.
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annie46   in reply to hear my cry
Hi hear my cry you can have your dentist apply for a pell grant it will cover the cost of your dental once in a life time also if you wish to share city and state you are in I will see if there are any programs in your city/state some states have good dental and some do not maybe yours does praying you find your answer annie46
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hear my cry   in reply to Zafeara
I know and I love God. I can't see the world when all the world will see are my teeth. I'm tired of little kids asking what's wrong with her teeth or should I say my 6 year old neice. I am tired of people not looking at me but at my teeth. I get so many admiring looks and when I smile at them I see an unpleasant look.
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Zafeara   in reply to hear my cry
You need 2 see the world don't let this stop you
( God love's you )
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handsome fellow
I need help with my teeth I can't talk to people right I deal with cou
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please help! i was in a domestic violent relationship and now i need help with my teeth 8.000$ -14.000$
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hear my cry   in reply to Louis cannalonga
I'm from ohio. Can u tell me more about you're self ? I usually don't go online talkin to a.yone. But i think i would like to talk to u.
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Louis cannalonga   in reply to hear my cry
Need a friend
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