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Please help me fix my teeth!!

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hear my cry   in reply to Louis cannalonga
I'm from ohio. Can u tell me more about you're self ? I usually don't go online talkin to a.yone. But i think i would like to talk to u.
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Louis cannalonga   in reply to hear my cry
Need a friend
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Louis cannalonga   in reply to hear my cry
Ok where are you from
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hear my cry   in reply to Louis cannalonga
yes, can I get more information about you. I'm not trying to sound mean, but I was wondering why would you want to meet me? And who are you?
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Louis cannalonga   in reply to hear my cry
Can i meet you
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hear my cry
I have never found someone to love me. I'm single with two girls. I don't like what I see in the mirror. My teeth are ugly but I am told I have a nice smie. Since I don't feel attractive I don't go out or meet men. I have not been in any type of relationship in 11 years. please help me smile without thinking people are always laughing at my big spacious teeth. I need fixing and love.
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I am a divorced mother of two. I have survived domestic violence and chemo-therapy.....during the chemo my gums went bad and I had to have all of my top teeth removed and have dentures that hurt and I can't eat. My front lower teeth are loose now and need to be removed. I need some sort of implants and my credit was ruined when I was taken ill due to medical bills. I am now working and would pay back anyone who would be willing to finance me....My mouth hurts and I want to smile again. Thank you....
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I went to a dentist he ask me 5,000 to fix and take out my bad tooth but I don't have the money!! I willy need help can Antibes help me
Talk to   in reply to ivan202
I can I find someone to help me
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I had gotten a really bad gum disease. I was force to get a lot of my teeth removed. It is hard for me to chew food,and smile. I tried to get financial help,but don't have any credit establish. I need help really bad.
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 in response to cat,RN...   Thank you. Yes I am currently being treated at Stony Brook Dental School. I appreciate your input. God Bless You!
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Jacqueline Jackson
Well i too need help with my finance to getting my just have a angle too help me right now with 2,902.20 teeth fix i am a single mother never had instuer so i counld not work on myself but i am 40 and really need to smile angain.Will some one have a heart and help please ,please, i will try my best to pay back evrey dollar a bit a a time
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I desperately need help to fix my teeth. I can barely eat. I'm a good person with good values. I just need help from a good Samaritan. Please here me and hear my prayer. Thank you and God Bless........ Tie
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 in response to marilu...   Marilu, Universities with Dental Schools, ie: NYU, Stony Brook etc. have dental clinics that are very affordable. They often accept whatever your insurance pays. They do good work and students and graduate periodontists are overseen by a team of professors. You must also be a part of your treatment plan. Ask questions, (there is no such thing as a stupid question) and before you sign any consents for treatment, be sure you understand the treatment plan to your satisfaction. I wish you well and you are in my prayers. Miracles do happen. No situation is completely hopeless! Cat
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 in response to marilu...

I found a website that may be helpful to you. It offers free dental care. Perhaps you can find a provider close to where you live.

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I have the same problem as everyone else here. I had Medicaid at one time and the dentist that worked on my teeth ruined them. I never even had a cavity until I was over 30 yrs old and this dentist started filling some of my upper teeth and wanted to fill a bunch more on my lower jaw. I was told that the fillings would match my tooth coloring but I ended up with my upper teeth full of silver. Since then i did not go back for the lower teeth but i started having serious problems with with the teeth he filled. i had to have a bridge put in an two root canals that my mother had to pay for. The bridge has already fallen out after 3 1/2 yrs, two more teeth in my top left side have broken off down to the gum and almost 2 more have broken off on my bottom right side. I now have a space between my two front teeth. I have no one to help me now. My husband is disabled and has been for many, many years. I've had to care for him and my 25 yr old adult son that has cerebral palsy. I have Hepatitis C, suffer from depression because I had to move my son into a group home, I don't like to be around other people, go to the store or even visit other family members. My daughter is the same way. She still lives at home at the age of 20 and doesn't even want to learn to drive a car. She had to be home schooled because she would get so anxious about going to school and being around so many children that she would have panic attacks. It seems to me that no one cares for one another any more. It all about the almighty dollar and the people I know that have money only spend it on themselves. I pray that everyone here that needs help, gets it. God bless.
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Four Angels

Hi I am 35 years old and I am a single mother of Four beautiful children. I have this huge insecurity about myself. This insecurity has held me back for years. I have a huge gap in the front that is so big I can fit the tip of any of my fingers through. I have been made fun of my whole life and up to this day at 35 years old I still believe I am being made fun of. If anyone can tell me what to do I would really appreciate it. I do not have insurance because I watch my sisters children so I am considered to be self employed. Please help me get help. Thank You

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 in response to Kat-Ryn...   I feel your pain. I am very poor, and not from my own making. I started having problems set off by one or two cavities at a time but I had no money or insurance to afford dental care until the teeth began to abscess and then I had to have them pulled one at a time. Because of being jobless and poor while my teeth were going to hell, and coming from generational poverty with no economic resources built into my life or middle class family to help me out, I found myself in a catch-22 after graduating from college as a non-traditional aged student at age 34 with a marketable degree, but having to face everybody with missing/visibly decayed teeth, I never could get a job. Not even a minimum wage job as a supermarket cashier where you have to face the public. People who have not come from deep poverty and had everything humanly possible that was bad happen to them before getting lucky and getting a good job have no clue. Getting put down for being poor, being a "loser" and accused of not trying hard enough when nobody's willing to hire you when you're a female with dental problems that no dentist is willing to treat for free so you CAN get a chance for a job and get out of poverty, while the capitalized interest on your deferred student loans piles up and being over 40, everything is just hopeless...and this is called "freedom?" Freedom from what and freedom for whom? Nobody cares about the poor in this country. Instead all we get is to suffer and do without and then get told how it's all our own fault.
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I can sympathize with you because I myself am in the same boat. Going for years with NO health and dental insurance has cost me my health and my teeth. I am a 39 year old female, I don't drink, take drugs, or engage in any "risky" behavior. I have been diagnosed with severe anemia and vitamin deficiency. Also I'm facing an upcoming surgery to remove my thyroid gland because I was diagnosed with Graves disease Aug.'08. I started loosing my teeth about 2 yrs. ago. One cavity set off a chain reaction, I could not afford the dental bills until it was an emergency and they had to be pulled due to infection, and that was done one at a time. I don't smile anymore, I have very low self-esteem, I used to be a very pretty woman and now I'm just a shell of my former self. We are supposed to live in the richest countries in the world, with some of the most resources as far as medical and so forth but for most of us this is just a dream. I just wish to have teeth so I can live a normal life and see my kids through adulthood. Unfortunatly, I am trapped on a desperate "medical merry-go-round" that I have no control over, dentists require up front payment that I don't have, and I need implants, getting dentures is more like a temporary fix, I don't want to see my jaws disintegrate. But I'm not ungrateful, I would accept any help. I just want to have my health back and feel better about myself. Is a smile too much to ask for? For me it is.

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